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Apart from using GetSpam.com, what can you do to keep a lid on unsolicited email?
  • Donít post your email address on any website.
    Check to see if you are listed on any work, school, or church sites.
    Convert email addresses on websites from text into graphics.
  • Use up to date email software
    Outlook 2003 does a much better job of controlling spam than previous versions
    Thunderbird has a builtin spam filter that works well
  • Turn off your preview window in Outlook and Outlook Express
    These two email programs use Internet Explorer web browsing technology to display your emails, but this also allows spammers to verify your existence with buried links and even to execute spyware code to track you and your internet movements.
    The easiet way to stop this is to turn off your preview pane and then delete ANY emails from unknown sources.
  • Buy a third party software to control incoming spam
    All major anti-virus makers market anti-spam software, find one and use it!
  • Use new and up to date anti-virus software.
    Spam is a major source of viral infections.
    Get any major brand of anti-virus software and use it to prevent infections.