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GET spam? Are you kidding?
Don't most people want to get RID of spam?

Only in the sense that they don't want unsolicited 'junk' email.

There are many people who want to receive emails related to their areas of interest.
They want to receive special offers and updates from stores and catalogs that they like.
They enjoy learning about their hobbies and sports from new sources.
They don't want to have to sign up at zillions of different sites to control the flow of emails.

With GetSpam.com you can receive new and interesting email information and offers, but YOU are in total control.

It's simple!
  • Just sign up and give us as little, or as much information as you desire.
  • Tell us about your interests and the companies you like.
  • We then add you to the correct approved recipient lists.
  • You get only the marketing emails you want
  • We do not allow our marketers to include any live links to their sites in the emails, you only interact with them if YOU want to.
  • You can edit your own profile anytime to stop or increase your emails.
  • This is a FREE service for email recipients.